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Ray Charlton

Ray Charlton Ray Charlton, born in 1956

I was born in the US in 1956. I have been building models for as long as I can remember. My first kit was a Revell 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw helicopter kit. This has to have been sometime around 1963.

I built a lot of kits when I was a kid, and did the usual thing of playing with them as soon as I had finished the building process. I built most anything back then, cars, ships, aircraft and armor. Many of those kits ended up being blown up with firecrackers. I left the hobby for a while when I discovered girls, and later I started driving. I got back into the hobby when I had my first child in 1980, and I needed something to do that would keep me at home with the family. Back in 1984 I bought a hobby store in Pasadena California. I owned that store for 5 years. It was interesting seeing the hobby from the business side of things. I still think back to when I was a small business owner, and I still have the occasional dream going back to my hobby store owning days.

I currently am interested in, and build kits of WWII German armor and aircraft. I try to divide my modeling time equally between the two subjects. My other hobby is traveling to places near and far, and visiting aircraft and armor museums to see the real thing in person.