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Martin Block

Martin Block Martin Block, born in 1958

Born 1958 near Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, Germany, I'm living since 1983 in Münster, Northrhine Westfalia, Germany. Married since 1986, I have two already grown-up doughters and I run a shop with my wife.

My first interest in military history was born in my young years as a plastic modeler. But soon I changed the interest from modeling to the historic background. My subjects changed from time to time, but from the end of the 1980s onwards I concentrated on German tank and anti tank units of WW II. Over the first years my archive consisted mainly of - a lot of - secondary literature. Thanks to an internet forum I met John Nelson, living in the USA, in 1999. As our hobby interests are pretty similar we quickly developed a friendship and freely exchanged our information. As we are both interested in first hand information John gathered together German documents on microfilm from the US National Archive NARA in Washington, DC, while I began to obtain documents from the German Bundesarchiv-Militär Archiv in Freiburg i.Br. In spring 2003 we both made a longer visit to Freiburg. This laid the fundament to our both collections which we still enlarge and enrich until today.

Having access to now a large collection of original documents and with our activities on internet forums more and more contacts with likeminded people were established and we came into contact with some authors whom we could support with informations and documents from our collection. Already in 2001 I met Detlev Terlisten from the Nuts & Bolts team and in the following years John Nelson and I had the opportunity to participate on the Nuts & Bolts Vol.14 "Nashorn" and 15 "Marder III 7,62 cm" and later 17/18 "Marder III H/M" and 22/26 "Grille H/M".