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Laurent Lecocq

Laurent Lecocq Laurent Lecocq

Laurent has done this beautiful camouflage artwork, starting from Vol. 22. He writes:

I started modelling at the age of 11 with airplanes and then I moved quicly to the dark side : tanks and AFV, ....anything that have tracks or tyres. My interest is covering all the vehicles from the WWI to the 21st century. Since I always had 2 hobbies (drawing and modelling), I finally succeeded to combine both of them in 2003 when I started to produce my first profiles after moving to Tokyo.

I am still modelling now when I have some free time, even if I spend most of my time on my graphic tablet, studying photos of vehicles and trying to make some illustrations. Editor: For Nuts & Bolts Laurent has created the artwork for Vol.22 (Grille M), Vol.23 (PzJäger I), Vol.24 (Pz. II D/E), Vol.25 (Flakpanzer IV), Vol.28 (Maultiere), Vol. 30 (Panzerwerfer), Vol. 32 (Wehrmacht trucks), Vol. 34 (Sd.Kfz. 7 - 8 ton halftrack) and more to come.