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John Rue (✝)

John Rue John Rue (✝)

John has been involved with military history and modelling since the late 60’s whilst serving in the Royal Navy.

After serving his time John became involved with Naval aircraft as a civilian radio/radar fitter until relocation in the 70’s when he took up a Government training course as an engineering draughtsman. With an interest in armoured vehicles it wasn’t long before he was producing his own drawings for modelling in 1:76 scale.

Joined MAFVA and contributed drawings for their publication ‘Tankette’. A number of drawings were sold to fellow enthusiasts but later John concentrated on writing various articles for a number of magazines including ‘Military Modelling’and ‘Flight’. In the late 80’s an opportunity arose, thanks to Terry Gander, to provide drawings for books on military vehicles published by PSL Ltd., including Bruce Quarries ‘Encyclopaedia of the German Army’ and Christopher Chant’s ‘Tanks’. A third book for Christopher Foss was illustrated but never published. Taking a step further John tried his hand at writing the development histories of German military vehicles including Flakpanzers, and the Sd.Kfz. 6 half track. These were published by ISO Publications of Westminster. A diversion into British Army equipment came with the publication, again by ISO, of the development history of the Alvis Stalwart. Unfortunately ISO ceased trading and no further contributions were possible.

Shortly after the publication of the first ‘Nuts & Bolts’ volume John was approached by Heiner Duske to illustrate further volumes in the series. This venture started with Volume 2 and John has since illustrated all but two of the series and was the author of two, ‘Saurer RK-7’ (Vol. 5) and ‘Panzerkampwagen 35(t)’ (Vol. 11).

Editor: For Nuts & Bolts John has created the drawings from Vol.2 - Vol.26 and more to come. Thank you John