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Holger Erdmann

Holger Erdmann Holger Erdmann, born in 1975

I was born in Gießen, Hessen, in 1975. Since then, I have been living in Muecke, a small town on the western border of the Vogelsberg district in the centre of Hessen. After taking my A-levels, In 1996 I fulfilled the conscripted military service in Pz.Gren.Btl. 52 in Rotenburg Fulda. There, I was trained as an ammunition and fuel warden and dangerous goods driver. After that, I started to study. In 2010, I completed my studies with the grade of a diploma geographer. Since than, I have been job-hunting.

As a child, I experienced many military exercises of the Bundeswehr and US-Army in the central region of Hessen which regularly took place until the 1990s. Most probably because of this; my interest for military vehicles developed. I can remember that I have built some models in 1:35 scale (Italerie) and 1:72 scale (Airfix, Revell) at the age of five or six. My interest shifted to the model railway sector in the following years (Märklin 1:87) whereby the model railway layout was crowded by numerous Roco-Minitanks. At the age of 14, I bought the first 1:35 US-Army models from Tamiya. Several years later, I shifted to the Wehrmacht topic. Since then, I have built several hundred models in the scales 1:35, 1:72 and 1:700 (Waterline) with the focuses on Wehrmacht, US-Army, Red Army Bundeswehr as well as Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.

In the course of time the interest on more reality grew up. Therefore, I collected hundreds of books and picture books over the years, in the last years also documents, military organisation tables and technical manuals. In 2004, I obtained several photos and photo albums. From this a collecting passion arose which still continues. Over the years, I collected more than 6,700 photos with mainly a technical aspect. In the past, several of these photos have been published in Nuts & Bolts issues. By the collecting of these photos, my interest in soft skinned wheeled vehicles of the Wehrmacht arose. Sadly, I came to realise that the available literature was un-satisfactory on this topic. To cope with that, I started the works on my internet site www.kfzderwehrmacht.de which got online in summer 2008.

At the moment, the main areas of interest are captured motor vehicles, the special superstructure variants (Kfz.) of the Wehrmacht and trailers. Further areas of interest are the camouflage finishes and markings (unit signs, tactical numbers etc.) of armoured vehicles of the Panzertruppe from 1939 to 1945.