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Heinz Tippmann

Heinz Tippmann Heinz Tippmann, born in 1968

Heinz was born in 1968 in Southern Hessen. Whilst in the 3rd grade his interest in modeling was activated by a school friend and his first model was a Panzer III by Matchbox.

Captivated by modeling and his own family history, his interest in general history and especially in military history continued to grow even up to the end of his school days.

He gave up his desire to study history in favor of business management training. He retained his interest in Military History during this period and was fortunate to be able to collect books on military history. Later he increased his knowledge by visiting military museums, archives and made contact with veterans.

Accordingly it was only a matter of time before Heinz discovered the Nuts & Bolts series; once in contact with the team he learnt that a volume on the Panzerwerfer 42 was in the works. Heinz had already gathered an enormous amount of material and veteran reports on the subject and the other team of authors encouraged him to prepare a contribution to Nuts & Bolts. The result of this cooperation can be seen in Vol. 30.