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Heiner F. Duske

Heiner F. Duske Heiner F. Duske, born in 1944

Heiner was born in 1944 in former Pommerania. As a young schoolboy his first contact with modelling in the early fifties was a Wilhelmshavener Modellbaubogen with a Torpedo boat, which had to be cut out, folded and glued. With increasing skills the ships became bigger and bigger and at least one of the big battleships were on the table, soon to be followed by his first plastic model which was from Airfix the Santa Maria, flagship of Christoph Columbus, shortly followed by the Arizona from Revell. One of the Airfix kits at that time was the 8-ton halftrack with the famous 88 mm Flak, which attracted him more than ships and planes, because he saw the first Bundeswehr vehicles in reality training in front of his grandparent’s house.

Then another period began: music from Chris Barber & Ken Colyer, later from the Beatles & Rolling Stones and many famous bands. Trying to imitate Monty Sunshine on the clarinet was the climax of his career as a hobby musician.

It was in the last year on university that he saw after many years of absence from the hobby a Sturmgeschütz III from Otaki in 1:35 scale and that was the start of his second modelling career. Many models of the German Army period between 1930-1945 followed in this interesting scale and when all were built in the late seventieth and no new kits came on the market anymore from Tamyia and Italeri, he enjoyed Bandai’s growing range of 1:48 kits.

Reading modelling magazines brought him in contact with Tony Greenland, who was a frequent author in Military Modelling Magazine and he admired Tony’s perfect models. Since that time inspired by Tony and other fellow modellers he began to superdetail his models. With only little reference material on hand he began with Tony to visit public and private collections of German WWII armoured vehicles, taking photos and measurements.

On one of these trips to the famous collections of Aberdeen and Fort Knox both had born the idea to share their growing photo collection with their fellow modellers and Nuts & Bolts was founded after a bottle of fine Jack Daniels was emptied on a rainy night in a lousy Motel in Kentucky. Some months later Vol. 01 on the Jagdtiger came on the market.

Motivated by the success both published the next volumes, but it was not possible to carry on with this amount of work. With new authors the concept of Nuts & Bolts changed from a sheer photo collection to a journal, which covers technical, historical and modelling background.

His input in Nuts & Bolts Journal is very parallel to his job in real life, where re runs his own company: Planning and surveiling a new project from the idea to selling the books. Beside that he is researching on his most favourite subject: Reconnaissance vehicles of the Wehrmacht.