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Detlev Terlisten

David Parker Detlev Terlisten, born 1971

Born in 1971 and since 2000 part of Nuts & Bolts Detlev Terlisten is the younster in the team. The first six years of his live he leaved in Wildflecken, formerly one of the greatest military basis of the US Army in Germany, and obviously it had a great influence on him to see US tanks driving through the village every day. At the age of twelve he started with modelling, building aircrafts at first. His first kit was a ME 109 Ausf. E from Airfix in 1/72 scale. But quickly he switched to building military vehicles, first with Roco tanks in 1/87, then for a short time models at 1/72 and 1/76, and finally models at 1/35 scale. His main interest are vehicles of the German army from 1930 - 1945 with a special interest in armoured halftracks and anti-aircraft. Another special interest are field conversions and other oddballs.

Within the Nuts & Bolts team he is mainly responsible for technical things like photo preparation, translations and things like that.

In business live he works as civil servant in a small county in Northrhine-Westfalia.