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Brian G. Wells

Brian G. Wells Brian G. Wells

Like many of my generation, my interest in modelling began during my school days with the Airfix kits in plastic bags available for pocket money in the early 1970s. The rise of the model "cottage industry" with Verlinden, Shep Paine, resin and photo etched brass transformed my boyhood pastime into a much greater quest for accuracy, which further developed into my passion for conversion and scratch building of military model AFVs. Developing techniques and the availability of more products and information than ever before have made the satisfaction of this hobby more enjoyable than it has ever been. It has been my pleasure to have written features and reviews for various modelling publications, built master pattern models for model companies, and successfully gained numerous awards for my work at prestigious model shows such as Euro Militaire, where I gained five consecutive gold awards from 1998-2002. I believe the key to building a truly accurate model is 1) information, 2) interpretation, 3) technique. If you apply a problem solving approach to these three principles, then modelling offers successful and rewarding results. Tony Greenland and Heiner Duske have helped, influenced, and inspired me, and I count it a privilege to have my work associated with theirs. As already stated, I believe information to be an absolute for successful modelling, and the 'Nuts and Bolts' series is therefore invaluable.

Editor: For Nuts & Bolts Brian has presented his models for Vol.14 (Nashorn) and Vol.15 (Marder III 7,62 cm Pak).