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Anthony J. Greenland

Anthony J. Greenland A. J. Greenland, born 1948, Dover, UK

As a child I used to make the old Airfix 1/72 scale model tanks, however even at this very early age (under 10) I only made numerous Tigers and Panthers! These were inevitably destroyed in “battles” fought in my front garden! It was not until my early thirties that this interest in modelling German Armour of WWII was re-kindled. An interest (or obsession?) that remains to this day! In this period with my two Nuts & Bolts colleagues we have travelled most of Europe and North America collecting information and photographs. We probably collected back in the mid-nineties more photos of Museum or privately collected German vehicles than any individual or group. From this collection, we super-detailed the rather poor quality of plastic kits (by today’s standards) originating largely in the 1970s. From this mania to improve the standard kits was born the concept of Nuts & Bolts.

From those who have supported us with the purchase of all volumes they will recognise the transformation of the journal. From literally a few pages of captioned museum photos to todays standards has been a remarkable journey, ably supported by such regular contributors as John Rue, Martin Block, Nicolas Hettler, John Nelson, Volker Andorfer, Karlheinz Münch and many others. Our special thanks must go to all theses persons, and those not listed for the continuing success of Nuts & Bolts. My own speciality of modelling continues to provide me with my evenings entertainment, even if those parts of my body (eyes, hands, motivation) that served me so well for the past thirty years are showing signs of accelerated decline! For the modeller can it get better than now? The Chinese manufacturers have provided us with an un-dreamed of selection of top quality German models to make, with a standard that we could only have dreamed of a decade ago.

It was always my belief that a model built with the best reference available at that time would always give greater satisfaction than straight out of the box with a misplaced reliance on the manufacturer’s ability to collect, assimilate and produce an accurate model including correct camouflage, details and history. We hope that our journals enables the historian, modeller and those interested in the technical information to fulfil their quest for accurate knowledge on any aspect of specific German Vehicles of WWII.

Tony Greenland, June 2010